Helping Hands For Better Life Since 1969 in Rural Chhattisgarh.


RAHA Raigarh Ambikapur Health Association . B.T.I Chowk, Pathalgaon,Dist: Jashpur Chhattisgarh – 496118 India.


JVS is a Social Welfare Society situated in Varanasi, with an objective to bring a sustainable change in the society.
LF- is a Dutch funding agency working exclusively for providing access to medical and social rehabilitation services to the children & youngsters with disability in developing world.
RAHA is a local strategic partner of JVS-LF and we implement the program for the targeted groups- children & youngsters with disability.
Child Empowerment has two components:

  1. Child Development (CD) – This component addresses the Childs disability and interventions are directed towards child specific therapies, surgeries, assistive devices and communications aids or education.
  2. Enabling Environment (EE) - Aims at reducing the physical, attitudinal and institutional barriers that hinder the participation of Child with Disability (CWD) in Society.

In this program RAHA works to help children with corrective surgery, home based rehabilitation services for Cerebral Palsy (CP) children, Inclusive Education for blind children and create enabling environment for children and adult.