Village Helth

Helping Hands For Better Life Since 1969 in Rural Chhattisgarh.


RAHA Raigarh Ambikapur Health Association . B.T.I Chowk, Pathalgaon,Dist: Jashpur Chhattisgarh – 496118 India.

Health Awareness
Health Checkup
Herbal Garden
Herbal Medicine
Kitchen Grarden
Kitchen Grarden
Eye Checkup
Training of Village Health Workers (VHWs)

Village Health Programme
Implemented through Rural Health Centres by a team including a Sister Nurse, Field Supervisor, Animator and Village Health Workers (VHWs).
Activities are:

  • Health awareness program:- is conducted regularly in the village on seasonal disease, communicable disease, non-communicable disease, Tuberculosis, worm infestation, anemia, malaria and issues of health and hygiene. At all times preventive measures and promotion of health are emphasized in order to create a healthy community. Videos on Hypertension, Diabetes, skin care, and Dental care are shown followed by discussion.
  • Health checkup and Eye checkup:- camps are conducted once a year for all those who have enrolled in RAHA Community Health Protection Scheme (CHPS).
  • Herbal garden & Herbal Medicine:- To promote alternative system of medicine is one of the mission statements of RAHA. The tribal’s have great faith in herbs. The locally available herbs are studied in depth,  herbal medicine book is available and using the book medicines are prepared as per need. RAHA does not sell herbal medicin, the field supervisors of RAHA with people collect herbs and prepare medicine for them in their presence. In this way medicinal plants are identified, conserved and used with care.
  • Training of Village Health Workers (VHWs) :- There is regular ongoing training for VHWs. The book ‘Handbook for VHWs’ covers all health education topics, prevention and also use of herbs for common illnesses. Since 2016 the VHWs are updated on non-communicable disease, also to measure Blood Pressure. They are also acquainted with all the activities of RAHA on health.